Portrait of David Wiemers the artist.


It's uncomfortable for me to talk about myself. Me, me, me, blah, blah, blah. But this page is my biography, so who am I supposed to talk about – George Washington? So bear with me…

For over 25 years, I had the privilege of being a writer and producer of television comedies in Hollywood. In 1984, my writing partner, Ken Koonce, and I were the first writing/producing team hired by Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenburg when they took over the Walt Disney Company; Ken and I wrote and produced the company's first animated television series, "The Wuzzles." The following year, we were part of the team that created "DuckTales." We wrote, produced and I was the voice director of nearly half of the 126 episodes that are available. The show became a worldwide hit. After the success of that show, my career soared—I wrote and produced hits at Universal Studios such as "Coach", "Major Dad", and "Harry and the Hendersons" both as a writing team and on my own.

Over the years I was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards and won the Emmy in 1988 for writing "Jim Henson's Muppet Babies." In 1988 I was nominated for the prestigious Humanitas Award, the award given to Hollywood's most humanizing script of the year. Over the course of my television career, I worked on dozens of comedies and have written, produced and voice-directed over 150 half hour shows that made the air. And there is a pile of scripts written that never saw daylight.

Time and time again, the studios asked me to transform properties they owned into television series. Sometimes it was a movie, such as "Baghdad Café" and "Teen Wolf"; sometimes it was a book, such as "Clifford, the Big Red Dog." In turn, this became an opportunity for me to work with some of the greatest artists in America today. Often, those talented individuals brought my visions to life by designing characters or creating settings for animated series. Now that I'm retired from the television industry, I realized it was time to stop leaning on those great artists and start doing it for myself.

I am now living in La Jolla, California, with my family and having a grand time reinventing myself as an artist. I continue to study: including classical approaches where I learn art much as the Masters were taught; to new courses at universities in technology, learning techniques and applications that incorporate the digital information that is available to us today.

I want to push traditional art and its boundaries. I want to bring my love for traditional art: paintings, drawings, digital art - and combine them with video and entertainment. Can these mediums be intertwined? Is there a market for them? As an artist, can I express myself in a variety of ways?

I am a storyteller. Humor is at the heart of every piece of work I create, be it a painting or video. I want to bring a smile to your face via my artwork and videos. These are the gifts I have to offer. This is the journey I am on. If I can bring a little joy and entertainment to your life via my work, then my journey has been worthwhile.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!