A Venetian Memory

My newest painting is called, "A Venetian Memory." As an artist known for people and humor, doing a cityscape of romantic Venice was something out of the norm for me. I decided to "break the rules" as you'll see in my video "The Rules of Art." It's a fun video that tells a story that most artists can relate to. I hope you enjoy it and will check out my art at DavidsPrettyGoodArt.com

The original painting is for sale and limited edition giclee reproductions are also available. Order yours today!


The Glass Blowers - the video

Watch The Glass Blowers on YouTube

Please check out the video about my new painting, "The Glass Blowers".  My hope is that it sheds a little light into the creative process and is fun and entertaining, too. Please enjoy and let me hear back from you.

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David Wiemers

The Glass Blowers

My newest painting: The Glass Blowers. This one took several months. My challenge was the neutral/grey environment that created such beautiful glass. Wanted to capture that. I am also drawn towards paintings that tell a story with characters, time, place, and setting. Reproductions will be available. Oil on canvas: 40x30
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That Moment of Regret

This is a new video about the decisions and process behind my painting, "That Moment of Regret." It's about moments in life that we all have. Please enjoy and feel free to share with your friends.

The Making of Goldie Hawn, the painting

It's fun to share with my art fans some of the process about creating art. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to paint next. So enjoy this short film about my latest painting. And please share it with your friends.
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My interview with Brian Williams...kinda...sorta

Recently completed a caricature painting of NBC News anchor, Brian Williams. My goal in 2013, however, is to mix my art with video. I love to paint, but I spent too many years in Hollywood and loved the creative process of television too much not to include it here. It's all a part of who I am. I'm looking forward to mixing art and video in the coming months. My head is spinning with ideas.


Featured Artist at Artwalk San Diego

I'm pleased to announce I've been chosen to be a Featured Artist at the upcoming Artwalk San Diego. Check out the short video.
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Anderson Cooper

Here's my take on Anderson Cooper. He's the first in a quick series of news people. Up next, Brian Williams. It's fun to do celebrities that others seldom caricature. For a closer look, click on the image.

Michelle Obama

As the election draws closer, it's fun to take on Washington. As promised, here's Mrs. Obama and all things Michelle. It was great fun to put this together and hope you enjoy this lighthearted look at our First Lady. Click on the image for a closer look.

Paul Ryan

As we race towards the election, it felt like a ripe time to poke fun at both the left and the right. First up, Paul Ryan. I couldn't resist those big puppy dog eyes. I promise to be an equal opportunity offender, so coming up next, Michelle Obama. Hope this helps lighten these tense times we live in.